Miss Heather* is a nauseatingly optimistic pixie creature made of rainbows and crayon, and sustained by punk rock and science podcasts. She has wasted hundreds of hours of her life playing pc games and wisely invested a similar number of hours doing exactly the same thing. She knows that you're meant to say something rye about being uncomfortable writing in third person, but actually she's got the self-confidence to entirely own it.  
She co-parents an eleven year old tortoise with Filmage.co.uk

*Wilson, if you were wondering. Sounds totally Scottish right? Except she's English and lives in Wales.  

The CV Part

Glyndwr University / North Wales School of Art & Design, 2014
Design Practice MA - PwD
Glyndwr University / North Wales School of Art & Design, 2012
Illustration for Graphic Novels BA (Hons) 2:1
(Also go a C in GCSE Astronomy which is both quite interesting and not at all impressive. Also also failed French As Level and still haunted by it. Maybe shouldn't advertise that.)

Role Model for Big Ideas Wales Jan 2016 - Present
Relief Gallery Assistant at Oriel Wrecsam April 2014 - Present
(Also used to have this ace job in a hippy gift shop as a teenager. Once sold an actual didgeridoo.)